Is lasik safe for me?
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Answer to the question is lasik safe for me

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Is lasik safe for me?

Is lasik safe for me?
Lasik is the most popular surgery to get rid of glasses. One of the most important question that comes to mind is the safety of the procedure.

Lasik is one of the most studied and researched elective surgical procedure in the world. Lasik as a procedure is being done for more than 25 years and this procedure has got US FDA approval in 1998.

We follow very strict protocols and run a number of diagnostic scans for your eye to determine eligibility for lasik.

Scans like a topography, tomography, scheimflug images, Anterior segment oct, a thorough slit lamp examination , tear drop cytology are perofrmed and this data is analysed using predictive artifical intelligence alogirthms for safety and effectiveness.

The magnitude of your number and asatigmatism are also taken into consideration.

Lasik surgery is completely safe and effective for those who pass these tests.

Bladeless lasik surgery with contoura greatly increases the safety profile of lasik.

Approximately 20 % of people who want to do lasik surgery are not suitable for lasik for variety of health and medical reasons including thin and damaged cornea, keratoconus or some chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

For these patients other lasers and modes of treatment are available to get rid of glasses like ICL, Refractive lens exchange, PRK or ASA.

At our clinic we have the most advanced technology and machines to do the safety tests including Pentacam, Visionix, Topolyser, Anterior Segment OCT , IOL master and ascan.

Get your eyes examined professionally and thoroughly at our clinic to know if your a eligible candidate.

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Is Lasik Safe in Pregnancy or Nursing Mothers

Is Lasik Safe in Pregnancy or Nursing Mothers
Lasik is not recommended during pregnancy. It is one of the risk factors for an uncertain outcome.

Lasik is also not recommended for nursing mothers. It is not recommended during this phase.

Certain changes occur in the curvatures of the cornea and the thickness of the lens inside the eye that may give a unreliable outcome after surgery in this period.

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Autoimmune Diseases : A safety risk for lasik

Autoimmune Diseases : A safety risk for lasik
Lasik is not safe in patients with autoimmune diseases. These include diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis), Sjogrens syndrome amongst others.

Patients with autoimmune diseases are often on steroids, which modulate the immune response.

These medications are also a contraindication, if being taken high doses.

Patients on high doses of steroids are not good candidates for lasik.

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Herpes Infection : A safety risk for lasik

Patients with infections of the cornea like Herpes are a strict NO for lasik surgery.
Herpes is a virus that causes small ulcers or breaks in your cornea.
This infection must be completely eradicated before doing lasik or it can risk in disastrous consequences.
Patients with this infection must be treated with antivirals and must undergo repeated evaluations before lasik can be done in their case.

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DIabetes is considered a risk factor for diabetes. Patients with diabetes , especially uncontrolled sugar levels are considered to be a high risk factor for lasik.
Sugar must be brought under control prior to lasik surgery. The patient should ideally get tested for 3 month average of blood sugar before being cleared for lasik.

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Patient recovering from other illness

Patients with infections, or recovering from other illnesses are not good candidates for lasik surgery.
Any serious or prolonged illness alters the body's ability to heal quickly.
Patients recovering from a serious illness or infection should wait to ensure that their safety profile for lasik surgery is adequate.

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Are Contact Lenses a Safety Risk for Lasik?

Are Contact Lenses a Safety Risk for Lasik?
Contact lensesare not a risk factor for lasik. Unless the contact lens use is complicated with infection it should not be an issue for lasik.

Prolonged contact lens use can alter the shape of the cornea and may cause measurements to go wrong before the surgery. In order to avoid this, the patient should not wear the contact lenses for 10 days before the preoperative evaluation. You can even wear cosmetic contact lenses to change your eye color after surgery

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Article Reviewed by Dr Roopali Sardesai M.B.B.S D.OM.S Cataract and Lasik Surgeon

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