Why do I get styes ?
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This blog explains why styes can occur.

Reviewed by
Dr. Chaitanya Bhargav M.B.B.S D.OM.S
Updated on May 18  •  2 mins read
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What is a stye ?

There are a number of tiny glands in the eyelids which open through ducts onto the lid margins near the base of the eyelashes. An obstruction of the ducts of any of these glands prevents the secretions of the glands from coming out. The secretions then accumulate and the gland may get inflamed.
A stye is a small red painful boil that occurs in the eyelid at the base of an eyelash. It occurs due to an acute infection within the glands at the eyelid.
It is also called external hordeolum. Multiple styes may be present and occasionally it may involve the entire lid margin.

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Why do styes occur ?

The causes of styes may include :

Uncorrected spectacle number.
Use of wrong number spectacles.
Eyestrain due to prolonged near work or eye muscle weakness or imbalance.
Blepharitis which is a chronic infection with dandruff- like flecks over the eyelashes or lid edges.
Exposure to dust or pollution.
Hormonal changes especially around puberty, in women or on treatment with hormonal medicines.
Skin conditions like acne rosacea
Sometimes there may be no obvious cause.

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What tests are necessary ?

A careful search by thorough history and examination is done in our clinic to find any causative factor. Several tests to pinpoint any causative factors so that remedial measures can be taken are carried out and may include :

Number checkup to find correct spectacle power.
Tests for checking eye muscle power and muscle imbalance between
the eyes.
Slit lamp bio microscopic examination.
Conjunctival cytology.
Blood sugar measurement.

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Article Reviewed by Dr. Chaitanya Bhargav M.B.B.S D.OM.S General ophthalmologist, chalazion and endoscopic naso lacrimal duct specialist

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