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Dr Rajeev Raut Eye Clinic Raut Eye Care - Best Eye Hospital in Pune

Dr Rajeev Raut Eye Clinic Raut Eye Care - Best Eye Hospital in Pune
Founded in 1987, Dr.Rajeev Raut Eye Clinic, is one of Pune's oldest and most reputed eye centers. With over 4 decades of experience treating complex vision disorders, our hospital guarentees a result, no matter what your visual complaint.

With a staff of over 8 superspecialist opthalmologist, and nearly 45 support staff including optometriests, nurses our center is well equipped to solve all your eye care concerns under a single roof.

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Departments and Services at our Hospital

Departments and Services at our Hospital
The hospital is divided into departments that serve patients depending on the disease that they have.
Each department is staffed with specialists and support staff trained in the treatment of disorders specific to that department.
The following table lists our departments, its timings and specialists involved in those departments

Department of Cataract Surgery Dr.Rajeev Raut, Dr.Aditya Raut Mon to Sat 8 am to 5 pm Click here for Appointment
Department of Lasik Surgery Dr.Aditya Raut, Dr.Roopali Sardesai, Dr.Kumud Raut Mon to Sat 8 am to 5 pm Click here for Appointment
Department of Retinal Surgery Dr.Romit Salian Mon to Sat 8 am to 5 pm Click here for Appointment
Department of Plastic Surgery Dr.Bafna Mon to Sat 8 am to 5 pm Click here for Appointment
Department of Corneal Surgery Dr.Ashiyana Mon to Sat 8 am to 5 pm Click here for Appointment

We offer the following list of services including out patient and surgical services.
You can find dedicated pages to each service below :

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Cataract Surgery and Treatment (Motibindu Treatment, Motiyabindu treatment)

Cataract Surgery and Treatment (Motibindu Treatment, Motiyabindu treatment)
Cataract Surgery and Treatment (Motibindu Treatment, Motiyabindu treatment)
When it comes to cataract-related concerns, this eye hospital boasts a team of the best eye doctors for cataracts in Pune. They provide a wide range of treatment options, including state-of-the-art painless cataract surgery, ensuring patients receive the best possible care. The clinic's reputation for excellence in cataract treatment and surgery makes it a sought-after destination for those seeking the highest quality care. We are also known to be the best eye doctors for cataracts in Pune and our centre is known to be the best eye hospital for cataract surgery in pune.

Following Cataract Surgery Types are Done at our Hospital :
Small incision cataract surgery
Phacoemulsification surgery
Smart incision cataract surgery
Microincision cataract surgery
Bladeless cataract surgery
Refractive lens exchange surgery
Cataract surgery with monofocal intraocular lens
Cataract surgery with multifocal intraocular lens
Cataract surgery with toric intraocular lens
Cataract surgery with 3 piece intraocular lens
Cataract surgery with edof intraocular lens

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Lasik surgery and spectacle number removal surgery:

Lasik surgery and spectacle number removal surgery:
Dr Rajeev Raut is the pioneer of LASIK and refractive surgery in India. At this eye hospital in pune more than 100,000 LASIK, bladeless lasik, PRK,Femtolasik and contoura lasik surgeries have been performed succesfuly.
Painless, instant recovery and safe.
We provide the following options for spectacle number removal surgery:
Lasik surgery in pune
Bladeless lasik surgery in pune
Femtosecond lasik surgery in pune
Contoura lasik surgery in pune
prk surgery in pune
Refractive lens exchange surgery in pune
Implantable contact lens surgery in pune
ASA surgery in pune
Trans-prk surgery in pune

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Retina department: Expert Retina Specialists in Pune:

Retina department: Expert Retina Specialists in Pune:
Retina department: Expert Retina Specialists in Pune:
The clinic features a team of specialized retina experts dedicated to diagnosing and treating retinal disorders. From intricate surgeries to innovative treatments, their focus on providing the best possible care for patients with retinal issues sets them apart.
We provide the following treatments for the retina

Retinal Detachment surgery
The detached retina is a serious and sight-threatening experience, occurring when the retina becomes separated from its primary supportive tissue. The retina cannot work when these layers are detached. And unless soon the retina is reattached, permanent vision loss may result.



Extreme nearsightedness
Do you struggle reading road signs and recognizing faces from distance? You could be suffering from myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness. High levels of nearsightedness also can cause retinal detachment. This is because highly nearsighted people typically have longer-than-normal eyeballs with thinner retinas that are more prone to detachments.

Ocular Trauma
Trauma may induce tears/breaks in retina which can lead to retinal detachment. The most common cause of monocular blindness in young patients is complications from ocular trauma. Such complications include traumatic retinal detachment (RD).
A retinal detachment happens when fluid gets through a fine tear in the retina, allowing it to detach abnormally from the back wall of the eye. However, some of the eye surgeries may enhance the risk of having retinal detachment e.g. history of surgery for eye trauma, complicated cataract surgery etc.


Retinal Detachment Surgery
All the patients with retinal detachments must undergo surgery for repositioning of the retina in its right place. Otherwise, the retina may lose its ability to function, which will result in permanent blindness. The method by which retinal detachment is settled depends upon characteristics of the detachment. Our retina experts will opt for sutureless vitrectomy / scleral buckling as per the need of a particular case.

Scleral buckling Surgery
This surgical procedure includes putting a flexible band (scleral buckle) around the eye to combat the force that detaches out the retina. The fluid below the detached retina is drained, which helps the retina to settle back into its normal position.

Vitrectomy Procedure
This procedure is commonly used to repair a detachment of the retina. The vitreous fluid that holds the retina is removed from the eye and is replaced by a gas bubble / oil bubble to keep the retina in place. while the gas bubble slowly gets replaced by aqueous of the eye, oil bubble is required to drained by another surgical procedure called silicon oil removal (SOR) at a later date. Vitrectomy may some time requires to be combined with scleral buckling.

Pneumatic Retinopexy
During this procedure, in combination with retinal laser or cryotherapy, a gas bubble is injected into the vitreous cavity of the eye.The gas bubble drives the detached retina in place against the supporting layer underneath. Our retina experts may suggest the patients to maintain a certain head positioning for few days. The gas bubble gets replaced by the aqueous of the eye gradually.

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Glaucoma department: Cutting-edge Glaucoma Treatment in Pune

Glaucoma department: Cutting-edge Glaucoma Treatment in Pune
Glaucoma department: Cutting-edge Glaucoma Treatment in Pune
For those in need of glaucoma treatment, the clinic's super specialization in glaucoma care, along with a team of experienced glaucoma doctors, ensures comprehensive and effective solutions for patients dealing with this condition.
Dr Rakhi Shah is the best medical glaucoma specialist in pune. Dr Rajeev Raut is pune's top glaucoma surgeon.
He performs the follwing glaucoma surgeries:
Deep Sclerectomy
Stents and valves for reduction of IOP

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Pediatric Ophthalmology Department

Pediatric Ophthalmology Department
The clinic's dedication to pediatric eye care is evident through its top-notch pediatric ophthalmologists. Children receive specialized care for their unique eye needs, ensuring their vision develops optimally.
We also have a dedicated paediatric ophthalmologist to correct squints and strabismus in children.

We provide the following treatments for children
Complete eye exam
Number checkup under cycloplegia
Orthoptics and squint evaluation
Squint surgery for children
Amblyopia and lazy eye treatment for children
Visual rehabilitation for children with high spectacle numbers
Cataract surgery for children with congenital cataracts
Naso lacrimal endoscopy for children with constant watering

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Cornea department: Innovative Cornea Transplants

Cornea department: Innovative Cornea Transplants
The clinic offers advanced cornea transplant procedures, providing patients with effective solutions for corneal issues. The team's expertise and experience in cornea transplantation make them a go-to choice for cornea treatment in Pune.
We are a registered organ transplant centre for corneal transplants.
We perfrom femtosecond laser assisted bladeless cornea transplants.
We provid the following treatments for the cornea:
PTK - photothrepeutic keratectomy
penetrating keratoplasty (PK) – a full-thickness transplant.
deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) – replacing or reshaping the outer and middle (front) layers of the cornea.
endothelial keratoplasty (EK) – replacing the deeper (back) layers of the cornea.
keratoconus screening and treatment
c3r laser treatment for keratoconus

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Plastic eye surgery department:

Plastic eye surgery department:

We provide the following treatments in plastic eye surgery
Plastic eye surgeries, also known as oculoplastic surgeries or eyelid surgeries, are procedures performed to correct various aesthetic and functional issues related to the eyelids, tear ducts, and surrounding structures of the eye. Here are some different types of plastic eye surgeries:

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift):
Ptosis Repair:
Entropion Repair:
Ectropion Repair:
Canthoplasty: .
Lacrimal Surgery (Tear Duct Surgery):
Orbital Decompression:
Orbital Implants:
Brow Lift:
Cosmetic Fillers and Botox:
Ocular Prosthetics:

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Tailored Contact Lens Services

Tailored Contact Lens Services
For those seeking contact lens solutions, the clinic offers precise contact lens fitting services and boasts a specialized contact lens clinic in Pune. Patients benefit from expert guidance and personalized fittings.
We offer the following treatments for contact lenses
daily disposable contact lenes
monthly disposable contact lenses
multifocal contact lenses
scleral contact lenses
rose-k contact lenses
bandage contact lenses

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Quality and Accreditation - A Hallmark of Excellence

NABH Accredited Super Specialty Eye Hospital
Dr. Rajeev Raut Eye Clinic is NABH accredited, reflecting its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in healthcare delivery. Patients can trust the clinic's adherence to rigorous quality measures.

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Insurance and Payment Options

RautEyeCare is recognized by all leading insurance providers. We will soon be offering the cashless payment facility at our hospital. Our mediclaim team will assist you in your claim process. Our charges for each procedure are provided on the page dedicated to the respective procedure. You can check with your insurance provider before doing your treatment.

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Article Reviewed by Dr. Aditya Raut M.B.B.S D.O.MS Cataract Lasik and refractive surgeon
Specialist in number reduction surgery, Refractive Lens exchange and ICL surgery.

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Khushboo Jain 2022-09-01
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Absolutely love how understanding Dr. Kumud Raut is. The only place where I have not been told about only the process of getting a surgery, but rather they insist on educating about how the eye functions and the importance of having a healthy eye before any surgery.
Anupama Naidu 2023-02-02
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This is the best eye clinic ever. It's amazing how every staff is so caring. The faculty is simply top class and Dr. Aditya Raut is the best. His treatment is par excellence, but even more than more than that, he is a great human being.
Atharva Badhade 2023-02-05
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Excellent doctor! We are extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment ,the concern and friendly staff, very caring attitude of all!! Your are half cured even before the treatment starts!! The cleanliness and precautions are also upto the mark!!Recommending to all , family and friends!!
Preeti Gosavi 2023-01-10
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My cataract surgery is done by Dr Rajeev Raut. I am very satisfied with my surgery. Dr. Bhargav is an excellent doctor and is very calm and polite. I was also operated for my retina by Dr. Nilesh. He too is a great doctor. I am Very satisfied. And all the staff here is very cooperative and accommodating. Thanks
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