What to do if soap gets in your eyes?
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Things to do immediately if soap gets in your eyes.

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What happens when soap gets into your eyes?

Usually we are careful of soap going in eyes while bathing or washing face,yet some times soap does enter our eyes causing discomfort and pain.You might even fear that you have done some long lasting harm to your eyes.In this article we discuss if having soap in your eyes is a cause of concern and what can be done immediately.
Soap in eyes does cause discomfort,redness and pain.This is because of the difference in pH of our eyes and soap.Eyes have pH of around 7 which is neutral.A variety of soaps have pH of 9-10 which is alkaline.Our eyes have low tolerance for alkaline substances.Thus when soap gets into eyes causes burning sensation.
Front surface of your eyes is very reactive to stimuli,so any contact with external substances can cause a great deal of pain.If left untreated the presence of soap in eyes could cause damage to the surface of eyes.

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What should you do if you get soap in your eyes?

1.Avoid rubbing you eyes once soap gets into your eyes.This is because rubbing spreads the soap around the surface of your eyes which worsens the discomfort and pain.Rubbing of eyes activates one ingredient present in soap called sodium lauryl sulfate,a foamimg agent and thus worsens the discomfort.
2.First thing that you should do is gently splash clean water in your eyes to wash excess soap in and around your eyes.Normally water should not be used to wash inside of eyes because of presence of impurities,but in such an emergency it is okay to wash gently.This can be done by cupping cool water in both hands and gently splash in your eyes.Remember forceful splashing can itself cause injury.Keep washing till burning sensation in eyes goes away.
3 If you have contact lens in your eyes and soap gets in your eyes remove contact lens immediately.
4.Use some artifial tears or lubricating eye drops if burning still continues.You can also use normal saline 0.9% in an eye cup to wash out excess soap in your eyes.Usually this stops the discomfort.
5.If this does not help then you need to visit your doctor.
Remember not to panic and do the above and this will definitely help you.
Take care.

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Article Reviewed by Dr Roopali Sardesai M.B.B.S D.OM.S Cataract and Lasik Surgeon

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