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Does extensive computer use cause increase in eye power

Extensive computer use doesn't cause increase in eye power. Many individuals using computer or digital screens for for extended periods of time experience eye strain, discomfort, headaches,blurry vision and dry eyes ,neck and shoulder pain.This is because while using the screen for a long time the muscles which help you see near are in use for a long time and become fatigued which in turn causes eye strain. This strain may sometimes lead to headaches and blurred vision.Your eyes may also tend to become dry .While looking at your screen you forget to blink , either in order to focus at the screen you donot blink as much much as they should.Normally your eyes blink at about 10-15 times per minute which helps tears to circulate around your eyes and keep them lubricated and moist.Due to extensive computer use your blink rate reduces causing your eyes to become dry. If you have a eye power and are not using using your glasses.You may have increased eye strain while using your screen.Some people who have an eyeglass power or contact lens prescription may not find it suitable for the specific viewing distance of their computer screen.Some people may tilt their heads at odd angles because their glasses are not designed for looking at a computer or they bend toward the screen to see clearly.Their postures can result in muscle spasm or pain in the neck , shoulder and back. If you are a computer user for long hours and experience Eye Strain Headaches Blurred Vision Dry eyes Neck and Shoulder Pain You must be having digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome which is described as a group of eye and vision related problems that result from prolonged digital device use. These symptoms may be caused due to Poor Lighting Glare on digital screen Improper viewing distance Poor seating posture Uncorrected vision problems Most of these symptoms experienced by using digital screens for a long time are temporary and will decline after stopping computer use.However some individuals may still experience strain and blurred vision even after stopping work at a digital screen .If nothing is done to address the cause of the problem, symptoms will reoccur and worsen the situation. If you suffer from these symptoms a comprehensive eye examination will help us evaluate if you suffer from digital eye strain. The simple solution to all these problems are as follows: 1)Follow the simple 20-20-20 rule .Take 20 second break to view something 20 feet far away after ever 20 minute of computer or screen use.Make sure you do not use your phone or screen while taking the break.This break will help your focusing muscles to relax and help you refocus.To prevent eye strain try to rest your eyes when using computer for long periods.Rest your eyes 15 minutes after 2 hours of computer use. 2)Get your eyes checked and ensure you wear correct glasses if required.Special lens,designs,powers and tints may help to maximize visual abilities and comfort while using a computer screen. 3)Some computer users experience problems with focusing or eye coordination .Vision therapy ,Exercises may help improving vision abilities.These exercise or therapies help improve deficiency in eye movement and eye focusing . 4) Avoid unnecessary screen usage when not required 5)Proper positioning for computer use.Most people find it more comfortable to view computer screen when the eyes are looking downward.Optimally computer screen should be 15 to 20 degrees below the eye level. 6)Good lighting in the room and make sure that the position of the light source doesn't cause glare on the screen. 7) Anti-glare screens can be used to prevent glare. 8) Comfortable seating position and posture to be maintained while using your screen or monitor to prevent back or neck pain. 9)Blinking -Try to do some forceful Blinking to keep your eyes moist and prevent dry eyes. 10)Make sure that the breeze from your air conditioner does not fall directly on your eyes as it may cause dryness to your eyes.