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Should I use photochromatic glasses Yes or NO

Yes... You can use photochromatic glasses for all age groups, photochromatic is to have spectacles with or without prescription and protective spectacles that remain clear indoors and turn dark in sunlight. The UV component in the sun light activates the darkning process. When you move out of sunlight, the absence of uv light indoors begans the fading of the dark colour back to clear. Advantages of photochromatic lenses : 1. Reduced costs - can purchase dual purpose photochrpmatic glasses that can give you clear vision indoor and outdoor. 2. UV protection - photochromatic lenses provide you with fall protection against direct exposure to sunlight & harmful uv rays that can cause serious eye problems 3. Healthy eyes - photochromatic lenses also helps maintain you overall eye health. Far instance, one particular brand of photochromatic lenses. 4. Transitions - in thier top of the line series incoperates light from devices & LED's. It also reduces exposure to uv rays that can lower the risk of cataracts or either eye related problems. Hence modern day top of the line transitions photochromatic lenses after the most complete eye protection lenses today. Disadvantages of photochromatic lenses : 1. Reaction times - Photochromatic reaction from clear to sunglasses takes 30-60 seconds from clear to sunglasses but reversal takes a little on bike riding through a tunnel. 2.Problems with Driving - By now, you must have understood that the photochromatic lenses need uv rays exposure to activate & darken. The standard photochromatic lenses don't work inside a car as the windscreen block the ultraviolet rays. Which are needed to activate the chemical process to darken the lenses. Hence, these lenses do not work well while driving a car. If you will come to us we can prescube you the corrects photochromatic glasses.